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2025 five days in Paradise's (Let's Git Nakid) theme springs forth from what is happening in the world today.  This futuristic book is a look back from 2025 in an attempt to explain some of the changes that have ensued since 2012.  Of course, it all started many years earlier.

Some would question public nakedness as acceptable by 2025.  Let's look at the world today.  Many European countries embrace topless sunbathing and nude beaches.  Spain permits public nakedness.  In America, Vermont allows women to go topless in parks since men are allowed – equality at last!  It appears public nakedness is acceptable as long as it is not suggestive.  Of course there are naked bike rides in several cities in America and throughout Europe.  In California there is the now famous BARE-2-BREAKERS (TM) , a movement toward body acceptance.  Until the middle of 2013, San Francisco allowed public nudity in town.  And there is ‘underwear out day’ in some of our big northeastern cities where people wear no pants, only their underwear on subways and trains as they go to school or work.  Add to that a poll which reveals 75% of Americans support nude sunbathing in places set aside for it, 50% support setting aside designated nude beaches and the 2000 NEF/Roper Poll which showed that one of every four adults in the U.S. has been skinny-dipping or has sunbathed nude in mixed-gender social settings – that is 51 million Americans in year 2000!

America has moved more toward European standards in advertisement.  We now advertise on television toilet paper’s pros and cons, women's birth control pills, panty liners, lubricants/stimulants for sexual intercourse and solutions to men’s erection problems.  Some of our prime time television programs overtly hint or simulate people having sex.  Our movies are full of it and even now a glimpse of a bare breast or buttock is becoming acceptable.  TV ads are full of alluring sexy women and men to promote products for sale.  And yet a woman can’t breast feed her baby in public!  Go figure!

The question surely has to be asked: how is it we allow scenes of horrific violence, killing people by shooting them, tearing off limbs, and even decapitation, on television but we refuse to allow simple non-sexual non-sensual nudity?  What is wrong with our perspectives?

Add to that, with western Europe’s more lax attitude toward the human body, their teen pregnancy rate is about one-fourth of what it is in America (in particular Germany and even lower in France and the Netherlands) and their abortion rate is about one-third of what it is in America (in particular Germany and even lower in France and the Netherlands).  Duh, body acceptance affects attitude!

Even Dear Abby chimes in.  In a 2002 column she wrote, “Nudity is not immoral, it has nothing to do with religion.  It is not an indication of sexual activity or lack of it.  Nudity is simply a state of undress."

2025 five days in paradise (Let's Git Nakid) is not only about being naked in 2025.  That is the state of being for those who accept it.  The book is also about two teens growing up, their questions about boy and girl relationships and God while engaging in everyday activities while visiting their grandparents in Eden, Florida.  A view is presented to encourage them to honor, respect and accept all people.  Also, environmental commonsense is advanced which would save billions of dollars for average American homeowners.  And then there is WORLD PEACE!

Throughout the book the future is present.  Some of the things considered possible are now reality.  New products are revealed, products which do not yet exist but will.

The book is written to challenge the individual with his/her own prejudices, hangups and acceptance of society’s ‘norms’ in order to be included.  Hopefully this book will encourage discussions among friends, family members, classmates and television hosts.  It is written for the open-minded, the curious individual who wants to be in charge of his/her own life and decide for his/herself what to believe, think and live, and enjoys his/her mind being stimulated by seeking the truth for him/herself.  Maybe that person is you!  If not, why not?

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