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Review Copies Sent To:

Date Mailed    Recipient
07-25-2011    Barnes & Noble   
08-10-2011    Ellen DeGeneres, The Ellen Degeneres Show
08-10-2011    Linda Berry, AANR Magazine Editor
08-10-2011    Warren Parkin, Adjunct Professor
08-17-2011    Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Oz
09-07-2011    Robin Roberts, Good Morning America
09-07-2011    Josh Elliott, Good Morning America
09-08-2011    Halle Berry, Actress
11-08-2011    James V. Hart, Author
01-13-2012    John G. Roberts, Jr., Supreme Court Chief Justice
01-13-2012    Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Associate Justice
01-13-2012    Anthony M. Kennedy, Supreme Court Associate Justice
01-13-2012    Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Associate Justice
01-13-2012    Stephen G. Breyer, Supreme Court Associate Justice
01-13-2012    Samuel A. Alito, Jr., Supreme Court Associate Justice
01-13-2012    Ruth B. Ginsburg, Supreme Court Associate Justice
01-13-2012    Sonia M. Sotomayor, Supreme Court Associate Justice – Personal Reply
01-13-2012    Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Associate Justice – Personal Reply
01-19-2012    Kelly Maria Ripa, Live With Kelly
02-15-2012    Lisa Young, Fellowship Church
02-15-2012    Grace Driscoll, Mars Hill Church
02-24-2012    Lauren Bonnelly, Physician Assistant
04-26-2012    Peppertree Maggie Valley Library
05-04-2012    Melanie, Cherokee Indian Reservation Library
05-11-2012    Diane Sawyer, ABC News
05-11-2012    Dr. Travis Stork, The Doctors
05-11-2012    All American Clothing Co, New Products Division
05-11-2012    American Soap Company, Inc., Research & Development
05-11-2012    Nike World Headquarters, Shoe Research Development
05-11-2012    Mark Zucherberg, The Face of Facebook
05-11-2012    Michelle Obama, First Lady – Courtesy Reply
06-01-2012    Larry Page, Google Company, CEO
08-03-2012    Katie Couric, Katie Couric Show
08-27-2012    Captain Harry Wales (Prince Harry) – Courtesy Reply
03-15-2013    University of Central Florida, Pegasus Magazine
11-25-2013    Jennifer Lawrence, Actress

02-04-2014    Sara Gilbert, The Talk

09-08-2015    Steve Harvey, Steve Harvey Show

09-08-2015    Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium

04-02-2016    Alyssa Milano, Actress and show host

05-19-2017    Sara Haines, The View

02-14-2018    Felicity Jones,

06-19-2021    Corky Stanton,

06-28-2021    Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show

08-23-2021    Steve, GM, Lake Como Family Nudist Resort

09-03-2021    Tena Alise, Event Coordinator, Eden RV Resort

09-03-2021     Dave Taylor, Paradise Lakes Resort

10-01-2022     Ginger Zee, Good Morning America Chief Meterologist

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