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2025: Five Days in Paradise is a delightful allegory of life in the summer of 2025 -- a blissful time of total acceptance and world peace.  But how did the world come to embrace public nakedness as normal?


The decisive and influental event was 2012's Shift of Consciousness.


During a summer trip to their grandparents' house in Eden, Florida, teenagers Danny and Michelle seek the truth about the Shift and its ensuing nakedness, while concurrently questioning lifestyles and ideologies of the past.  They pursue sage advice on developing opposite-sex relationships, grow through their own typical brother and sister interactions, and most of all, have fun in the process.


2025 is more than just a thought-provoking, coming-of-age story -- it's a glimpse into the possibility of a world void of violence, hate, and inequality.  It's a taste of what's right.

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